How Do You Present the Pros and Cons Of an Under Desk Treadmill?


A computer desk that has been converted to enable treadmill use is known as a treadmill desk. It is also known as a treadmill workstation or a walking desk. By adding some activity to your job, you can avoid leading a sedentary lifestyle. To prevent further straining, treadmill desks must adhere to the same ergonomic guidelines advised by all manufacturers.

These requirements include having the user’s arms at a 90-degree angle when typing and having their eyes fixed on the monitor. The under desk walking machine provides safety features to lower the possibility of injury. You can pull the safety key that secures the console to the user’s clothing whenever you need to stop the treadmill belt. Additionally, a movement indication is frequently inscribed on the treadmill belt to show belt movement.

Pros and Cons Of an Under Desk Treadmill

Many medical professionals concur that sitting is the new smoking because it negatively impacts most people’s health, especially office employees who don’t have time to frequently exercise. We want you to be aware of all the benefits and drawbacks associated with each so that you can make an informed decision. In this manner, you can make a wise choice.

Pros Of Under Desk Treadmill:

Keep Active

Numerous studies have shown that habitual exercisers have alert minds and generate a lot of creative and practical ideas. You’re wise to get a walking treadmill under your desk since, as noted in The Revolutionary New Science of Exercise and the Cerebral, walking improves cerebral blood flow, relaxes our bodies, and enhances cognitive function. The under-desk treadmill keeps you fresh and active for the whole day.

Improve Health

By preventing you from going to the gym, an under-desk treadmill walking pad will give you extra time for exercising. Sitting in front of a desk for extended periods of time while working is fairly typical, and occasionally we undoubtedly experience dizziness.

Working at a desk need not entail prolonged sitting; by using walking pads below desk treadmills, this issue can be avoided. A treadmill placed underneath a desk offers a more comfortable way to exercise without having to leave your workstation, and it also improves your general health.

Burn Calories

It’s surprising how many calories you may burn each day on the treadmill by jogging or running! Your metabolism and ability to burn fat can be increased by just exercising for 30 to 60 minutes each day. But you can still use the under-desk treadmill to stroll even if you can’t run. Sure, walking will result in a lower calorie burn per hour, but many individuals are unaware of this.

Improve Mental Function

If you regularly go for walks or runs, you are aware of the benefits of exercise on your ability to think effectively. Going for a stroll might sometimes (in fact, most of the time) help you figure out what to do when you’re faced with a challenging situation. The same thing applies to a treadmill desk. It may improve your focus and alertness, which will lift your spirits and give you more motivation to complete your work. You might even feel less pressure at work.

Cons Of Under Desk Treadmill

Limited Speed Capacity

The under-desk treadmill’s inability to reach maximum run pace is one of its biggest disadvantages as compared to jogging outside. Since few people will run or sprint while wearing formal attire or dress shoes, under-desk treadmills are usually designed for walking.

Most can run at least at a slow jogging pace, but they are usually not strong enough to tolerate repeated severe impacts. For both the longevity of the machine and your safety, you’re really better off keeping it at home.

Sweaty and Inconvenient

Many of us will still sweat after a short walk. A 30-minute stroll will cause some pit stains or sweat circles to appear on the chest and back of heavier jumper wearers. Not exactly the best situation if you need to appear professional at work or go to a conference, That means you either need to keep a spare set of shirts available at work or learn to live with the sweat stains.

Can Be Noisy

The beeping sound that happens when you click buttons to adjust the treadmill’s settings can draw angry looks or perhaps make you angry at yourself. Treadmill desks usually make relatively little noise when in operation. It is possible to disable this beeping sound on some models. For details on how to do this, consult the user manual or get in touch with the maker.


In the end, treadmill desks are a fantastic way to get some exercise while working. While there is a learning curve, after using a treadmill desk for a week, you ought to be able to finish the majority of your duties while moving around. A treadmill desk is a terrific investment in your long-term health, fitness, and job productivity if you’ve been thinking about getting more active. Some people simply need a little more time to change their minds.


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