How to Measure The Length of a Ginger Lace Front Wig

Red wig isolated on white

If you own a ginger lace front wig, the chances are high that you don’t know many details apart from the color. Mostly, that happens because the beauty of the ginger color always takes most people on ginger wigs. Truth be told, the ginger lace front wigs have an incredible and noticeable color that can’t go unnoticed. That’s why most people wear these wig types because when you visit a wig store, offline and online, you can’t say no to the temptation of a ginger lace front wig. Hence the wig is popular today.

Another reason for its popularity is its versatility and natural appearance. There’s no event whatsoever that you can not wear your ginger wig. Moreso, because it is a lace front wig, it looks very natural. Therefore, people will first assume that you dyed your natural hair in a lovely color. When they notice it is a wig, they get astonished.

One feature of your wig you should always know is its length. Apart from knowing what fits you with details before you buy, you can get asked a question – what’s your hair length? If you don’t have an answer to the question, you can’t exactly feel good. Let’s show you how to measure your wig length. To follow the process, you’ll need either a flat table or a dummy, a measuring tape, and some patience. Here’s the process;

Wear your wig on the dummy

The first step is to get all materials ready, then put the wig on a dummy. If you do not have a dummy, you can use a wig stand or a flat surface. All you want is to ensure the wig is free-flowing. That means there is no obstruction pushing the wig back up, hereby scattering the length. Ensure the wig is worn correctly and well brushed. Remember, you want to get the correct length; any entanglements may obstruct.

Take the first measurement

After arranging your wig correctly, you can proceed to take the measurements. Be careful enough not to scatter the wig from its position. Also, ensure your measuring tape is a flexible one because you will need to take measurements that aren’t straight. While measuring, here are the places to measure;

Measure from the crown to the longest hair strand

The first measurement is not from the end of the wig. The primary size of wigs comes from the crown of the wig. The crown is the part that looks highest on the wig. Place your tape at that point and take it down.

Measure from the crown to stretched length.

Wigs always possess a common flexible trait. For the subsequent measurement, stretch out your wig a little – be gentle, please. Don’t force the stretch; when you’ve reached the highest limit, take the measurements.

Measure from the crown to the sides

The last length you want to take is the distance from the crown of the wig to the sides of the wig.


If you have followed the steps in this guide above, you should have gotten the correct measurement for your wigs. Wig measurement requires patience and space; when you have these, you’re good to go.


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