Huawei’s Best Gender Neutral Watches |2021 Wearables


Today’s world is so strict on gender-related issues. But did you know many people still assume some watches to be strictly for one gender and shouldn’t be worn by the opposite gender? Such myths pull back the fight against gender inequality. However, this does not mean you should get out in a women’s attire and expect to be applauded. Let your morals guide you on this.

But here are some unisex watches you may not have known about, as well as some of their extra unique functionalities. Read ahead for more about watch gt 2 cena and many other smartwatch series in the same category.

Best Men’s Elegant Wearables for Women

Women will always buy master timepieces to match them with their handbags and other jewelry. On the other hand, men will buy smartwatches to make bold statements, as reminders of their next important schedules, and most importantly, as gifts for their romantic partners. But which watch will you settle on and enjoy its packaged services?

Look no further here they are:

HUAWEI Watch GT 2 Men’s Black & Women’s Rose Gold

The timepiece comes in a men’s black and brown color: rose gold and beige matching most feminine porches and handbags. So the men’s black and brown GT 2 apparently has a backup battery that lasts for 14 days, while the ladies Rose Gold GT 2 lasts for 7 days. Before you conclude about discrimination, you have to know all these watches have been made by the same manufacturer and reviewed before concluding their key information, such as their battery life.

Here is the reason; a high percentage of women hardly wear smartwatches for their functionality; instead, they do it for their beauty and looks. So the manufacturers understanding this concept, put just more effort into the ladies’ design.

Men on their side will always take a machine because of its functionality, and that’s why you may find a man constantly doing a thing or another on an electronic device, so they definitely needed a slight long-lasting battery.

other outstanding features of this watch are:


The men’s watch has a skin strap while that for women has a Milanese strap to enhance the beauty and fashion admired by women.

Aesthetic Design

Considering the different genders, each gender has a unique, appealing theme color and design. GT 2 men’s black has stainless steel housing while that for women has an alloy metal and specific plastic surfaces. This upholds the style and class for the specific gender.


Both watches have AMOLED 3D glasses limited for the screen display only because of the glass’s electro-luminescent materials that make it maintain the shine when used as minimal touches.

Water Resistance

You wouldn’t want to dive with either of these watches in water, but if it rains when you are in town, you shouldn’t worry about it taking in water. The watch is tested and found to maintain its functionality in water at less than 50 meters of depth.

HUAWEI Watch GT 2 Pro

This watch has very little difference from the GT 2. It has an AMOLED sapphire glass for its display, a titanium housing, and a leather strap.

You are, however, not limited from using your wife’s Watch GT 2; if the color is pleasant for you, jump on Huawei’s best buy and get yourself one. Similarly, ladies, too, can have the men’s black GT 2. It won’t be a surprise; at least it’s been a recurring trend about ladies’ interest with some men’s posh accessories and assets. Get yourself all these from Huawei at the best offers.


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